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A Night of Conversation to Save our Children

The national drug abuse and overdose crisis shows no sign of abating. According to the CDC, drug overdose was the leading cause of injury death in 2013. Among people 25 to 64 years old, drug overdose is now causing more deaths than motor vehicle traffic crashes. To read more, visit this link:  

Can Your Smartphone Tell if You’re Depressed?

We use them for everything. From tracking flights to tracking footsteps, for recreation, education, work and, sometimes, even phone calls, that little screen in your pocket has become the ubiquitous, omniscient companion for the 21st century. Concern over the ubiquity of smart phones has been publicized heavily over the years, with many researchers noting a […]

New Studies Show Negative Health Effects of Shift Work

Doctors and researchers have for years worked to uncover the mysterious relationship between sleep cycles and an individual’s overall health. It seems intuitive. The less you sleep; the worse you feel. Yet, as recent studies have begun to show, the consequences of erratic sleep schedules may be greater than you think. According to a recent […]