I have spent the past 29 years assisting individuals and organizations with integrative strategies based in the principles of behavioral management and growth.  My academic background in human service organizations, psychology, and social work coupled with expertise in behavioral management, facilitation, leadership development and professionalism in both public and private organizations allows me to generate structure and consistency within organizations.  My coordinative approach focuses on enhancing knowledge, promoting interdependency, designing efficient systems for service delivery, maximizing communication, respecting culture, and aligning service delivery to meet and execute organizational and professional missions.

In response to organizational request, I can design and deliver various educational programs, team building, leadership effectiveness, performance development, emotional intelligence, patient education and workplace diversity.  Additionally, I have functioned as a regional and national marketer, facilitated group interventions in the areas of strategic planning, management assessment and restructuring, program development, staff recruitment, and leadership development.  My belief is a sincere “We can do this now.”